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Cost-effective, highly modern sheet vinyl for a stylish new look!

Modern-day sheet vinyl appears nothing more than a distant cousin to the original version created in the 1930s. With advanced technological accomplishments that have completely reinvented vinyl, this water-resistant, cost-effective flooring option has certainly made an impressive comeback. No longer limited to bathroom and kitchen makeovers, there is a vast assortment of reasons why resilient sheet vinyl could be your ideal renovation material.

Low maintenance

With relatively low upkeep requirements, a simple sweeping can get rid of everyday grime, dirt, and dust. Caked-on dirt and tougher stains need nothing more than a simple damp mop and vinyl-safe cleaning agent. Indeed, there are few surfacing materials as easy to care for as sheet vinyl.

Resistant to water infiltration

Resistant to infiltration of water when properly installed, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for rooms that see higher chances of water or humidity. It is ideal for spaces like the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and powder room, though it can certainly be installed in any area.

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Underfoot comfort

In general, vinyl sheeting is softer underfoot than some other flooring options because of the padded underlayer. As well, it doesn’t absorb the cold, making it a nice, cozy pick for hard surfacing in any room.


Cost-wise, vinyl comes in anywhere from low to high range. Of course, this all relates to the quality of the sheeting. However, even the most high-end, premium options are normally substantially less than most other hard surfacing alternatives.

Highly durable

Typically, sheet vinyl is highly durable. This flooring can last several decades when correctly installed and maintained. Some types of sheetingare manufactured with colors that saturate every layer of the vinyl, making it more scratch-resistant.
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Resistant to stains

Vinyl is manufactured with a clear surface layer to give maximum protection. This superficial layer protects the sheeting from spills and stains, acting like a barrier. Thus, it’s a factor that further makes it easy to maintain and clean.

Ease of installation

Assuring that your room has a dry, level subfloor, sheet vinyl is incredibly easy to install. Though you may be tempted to lay it down yourself, it is recommended to use a flooring expert to ensure the space is properly prepared beforehand and the vinyl is well-placed.

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