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Quality hardwood flooring for unrivaled beautyand unique appeal

When you’re in search of something truly unique for your home renovation, a flooring material unrivaled in beauty and appeal, then you may want to consider a solid hardwood installation. Whether it’s the ease of maintenance or the classic beauty, hardwood floors have countless features that make it the flooring of preference for many homeowners.

Easy upkeep and low maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, maintenance is a cinch with hardwood. Accumulated debris can be quickly removed by vacuuming, damp mopping or sweeping. Imagine how simple it will be to keep your floors spotless, knowing they’re also hygienic and don’t harbor dander, pollen, mites, and other allergens. Food mishap or spilled liquid? Not a problem –easy to clean hardwood makes life super easy!

Durable, solid materials

Created from naturally durable, solid materials, hardwood planks aren’t just easy to clean, but they’ll also resistant to dents and scratches. With proper care and upkeep, your hardwood installation will undoubtedly last your family for decades –perhaps even generations.

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Increase home value

Increase the value of your house with long-lasting, hard-wearing wood. With high-quality planks, potential buyers will readily see the value in your home. Due to its popularity and preference, it may even be a major selling point and result in a quicker sale.

Cost-effective with a long lifespan

As they are long-lasting and extremely durable, solid hardwood planks offer a cost-effective flooring alternative. Since installation can last for generations because of its high quality, it makes for a financially savvy investment. Even if the cost of quality materials can run slightly higher than other flooring options, though it depends on the type of wood and several other factors, in the long run, it can indeed save you on costs.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Sterling Heights, MI from Villa Carpets

Refurbish planks if they're damaged –or you're bored!

Bored with the black color? Need a redo on your damaged floors? That’s not a problem at all with hardwood! Indeed, this is a huge benefit, which means you can lower future renovation costs with a solid hardwood installation.

Servicing the Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Shelby Township, and Macomb, MI areas, our professional on-site experts are ready to answer all your flooring questions. From carpet to hardwood, vinyl to waterproof flooring, we carry the best, high-quality material around!

Our hardwood flooring store,Villa Carpets also carries several other hard and soft surfacing alternatives, and we will help you find out which floors would be most ideal for your household.