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Area rugs can spice up your home with color!

Whether it’s added as a design element to hard flooring or as an anchoring piece for furniture in a carpeted room, there are numerous advantages to adding area rugs to your home. With unique patterns and vivid colors, some being individually handcrafted, area rugs inject a certain amount of eye-catching beauty to any space. They have an appealing way of bringing together furniture in a room, distinguishing that section of space and identifying it as its own. Be it for the extra colors or simply as an element of décor, the benefits of having area rugs go on and on.

Added warmth and coziness

On hard surface floors, area rugs provide that extra bit of coziness. With underpadding inserted underneath the material, they also offer exceptional insulating properties. In rooms that need more underfoot warmth, area rugs are a wonderful addition.

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Anchoring point for design

Design-wise, rugs provide an anchoring point in a room. When placed properly, it not only creates an intimate area, but it also defines the outline of a designated area. So, instead of furniture visually floating in the middle of a room, area rugs mark the perimeter of that particular space. For instance, in large living rooms, you can have a rug as an anchoring point for an office corner or a reading area –a clearly defined other space in the same room.

Noise reduction

Your room will get significant noise reduction with area rugs. On hard surfaces, foot traffic can sound quite loud and create an echo effect. However, with the addition of fibers underfoot, the sound is absorbed and muffled. If noise is indeed an issue in your house, you’ll hear instant results once you lay down area rugs.
Stylish area rugs in Sterling Heights, MI from Villa Carpets

Underfoot comfort

There's no doubt about it, carpet is much softer than any hard surfacing! The fibers absorb the impact of your footfalls while offering soft flexibility that is unbelievably comfortable. Softer to the touch, it's also easier on your body as it absorbs less impact and rebound compared to a hard surfacing. Reduce pressure on your body instantly with quality area rugs.

Not sure how to choose area rugs?

Choosing the right area rugs can be confusing, especially if you’ve never purchased one before. Luckily, at Villa Carpets, area rugs retailer professionals are on-site to guide you through the entire process.

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