What size area rug do I need?

Your area rug should be large enough to fit entirely under significant pieces of furniture, i.e., sofa, coffee tables, upholstered chairs with 12 to 18 inches of bare floor showing. It's acceptable to anchor it to the two front legs of each piece.

What is an area rug?
Simply, it's a small carpet. Unlike wall-to-wall, these come in various sizes, including 5'x8' and 8'x11.' Some are rectangles, squares, or round and are lightweight enough to be moved from room to room.

Scatter rugs come in various fibers, colors, and textures, and they can put the finishing touches on a room design. By anchoring the furniture, large area rugs also give a sense of stability and grounding by removing the sensation of the furniture floating.

These little carpets come in standard colors and sizes, and rooms are not perfect squares. So if you fall in love with a stock rug, but it doesn't fit, or if you want something unique to your style, visit us to learn more about our custom home rugs and binding.

These rugs:
  1.  Reduce noise: They provide a cushion to eliminate the tap-tap-tap of footsteps, noise from beeping devices, muffled conversations, or running pets. This is important for sleeping infants, young children, and shift workers.
  2. Protect floors: In fact, it’s recommended to place these mats strategically in front of sinks to catch splashes and at entrances or anywhere there’s high traffic.
  3.  Make your space feel warm and cozy: Rugs have a high R-Value insulation measurement; they don't transfer heat and cool. 
  4.  Define and separate: It’s not unusual with today’s modern, open floor plans to have one large room that houses both the dining and living areas, or perhaps you want to section off a portion of a room for a reading area or home office. Use a scatter rug to delineate the space.
Want to learn more about area rugs and how to use them as design tools? Come into Villa Carpets for information and a free quote. Our showroom is in  Metro Detroit, MI, convenient to Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Shelby Charter Township, and Macomb Township.