Area Rugs

How to use area rugs in your home

Home rugs can be placed anywhere from the basement to the attic. They can be functional, such as protecting wall-to-wall carpeting in an entryway or providing comfort in front of a kitchen workspace. Or can be part of a room decor that is designed to produce a striking look.  Likely, you prefer that your rug do 'double-duty and satisfy both objectives. You can find a variety of stylish multi-purpose rugs at Villa Carpets, located in Warren, Michigan. If you prefer, our mobile showroom can come to your home.  

Large area rugs

When using large area rugs, such as in a family room, it's important to consider furniture placement when you're contemplating the best location. Center of the room placement is fine if the furniture is centered in a square room. Otherwise, place the rug under all of the front legs of large pieces of furniture. Area rugs can become a focal point under a sectional couch, recliner, coffee table, and television.

Runners and small area rugs

Rug runners are perfect for galley-style kitchens and in front of an island or workspace in larger kitchens. These narrow rugs also work well in hallways and at the sides of a bed. You can create a layered look with a large or a small one. In a room with wall-to-wall carpeting, place one in a complementary shade under a coffee table. Or opt for a classic jute or sisal one in front of the couch and layer a smaller patterned rug on it.

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